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created on 2004-01-01

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This is the blog of Matthew Esposito! I am a computer science student at the College of William & Mary.

Some facts about me:

This is starting to sound like a resume, so, here's some fun facts...
  • I love my dogs very much
  • I occasionally climb trees
  • I've listened to 47,203 minutes of music this year. 55% of that was "danceable" music!
  • I still use my Sony Walkman, 12 years after I got it (thank you 7 year old me, for not breaking it!). Now running Rockbox!
  • My 7th grade science project was running sslstrip on our home wifi and tricking my dad into giving up his Amazon password. It was rejected from my science fair for being "too complicated" and various other "ethical issues".


You can almost always find me biking speedily around the William & Mary campus. Please say hi!

You can also find me by seeking me out yourself - shoot me a text at (757) 524-3501! (google voice)